Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

to his beloved disciple Arjuna:

"This Yoga Vidya,
The Sacred Science of Yoga, was taught from father to son in the line of Kings who were Saints; but in the revolutions of times immemorial this doctrine was forgotten by men.

Today I am revealing to thee this Yoga Eternal, this Secret Supreme, because of thy love for me, and because I am thy friend."

The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is the supreme path to wholeness which includes besides the physical discipline of Hatha Yoga, all the other aspects of a spiritual live like the devotional attitude of Bhakti Yoga, a clear awareness of our actions: a sense of Karma Yoga, a keen interest in gaining knowledge of our minds ways and working by practising Jnana yoga.

The great sage Patanjali creates a synthesis of these paths.

To honour him, later generations called his great work on yoga Raja Yoga, The Royal Path.

What ever kind of yoga you are practising, all the aspects mentioned before should be included.

Then, eventually the mind will become clear and empty,

Your body will find its balance and freedom,

Your heart will open and shine.