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YogaDlite's Classes

dynamic postures & profound relaxation

My classes are characterized by a closely-knit combination of quietude and profound relaxation, together with a dynamic and expressive execution of the classic Hatha Yoga postures, the Asanas.Every class starts with half an hour meditation.

Our natural state is silence. First of all our aim is to come to this state of tranquility and inner peace. From this quietness we will move into action.

We learn to execute the various postures with quiet, synchronized breathing and alert attention. The body becomes supple and yet stronger. Physical movement and expression become fluent and more powerful. It is not necessarily so that you need any experience with Hatha Yoga, but you definitly need courage and a reasonable physical condition because we work strong, steady and intensely.

About Asanas

flow, stream & attention

Through these classes we become conscious of three mainstreams in our existence: the flow of our energy, the stream of our breath and our attention or our ability to percieve. These three are closely linked and completely dependent on each other in their functions. I talk about streams because ideally, breath, energy, and perception flow forth as a broad river, steady and in the natural couse of things.

About Asanas


In my classes a strong emphasis is put on a deep and full [Ujjai] breathing.

Through liberating our breath our body is able to open itself and release cramps and blocks, so that energy can freely flow again, and the body regain its natural stamina and strenght.

Finally through letting go of our thoughts with their constant commentary and judgements, our ability to become aware is able to open like a flower to a new dawn. In this way it also becomes possible to exchange energy at a mental level.

Ultimately the fruits of practising Hatha Yoga will include clarity of spirit, a powerful and flexible body, a sense of balance and free breathing. The knowledge and experience we gain through these classes can be used in our daily life, increasing the quality of our existence. To work in this way on grounding, balance and elasticity at all different levels lays the foundation for spiritual growth.