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Yoga is a road to the fullness of our being and life, the road to our Self. It is a philosophy of life helping us to unify body and spirit, matter and soul. It gives us the means to mobilize and integrate our male and female powers and talents, enabling us to be reborn as complete human beings. Human beings who look with compassion and wonder to ourselves and the world, willing to work assiduously for the realisation of the great promise we are. Human beings who in spite of, or maybe thanks to, all their shortcomings are able to live in peace with themselves and the world, and know that we are all students at the High School of Life.

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Martyn Hoogstra worked as a photographer and designer until he discovered his "Path of the Heart" in the practise of Hatha Yoga more than thirty years ago. As a dedicated practitioner he has a wide experience and great skill in the execution of the Hatha Yoga Asanas & Pranayamas, Mudras and Bandhas.
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